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Account authorization error

It means you did not top up your balance in 1 hours after the registration and your profile was deleted. Do not worry, you need to get a new password and through «Top-up balance» Return balance from blocked profile. You have to know your old password.

Registration is open, there is only a time restriction.Only 1 person can register in 10 minutes, thats why you have to try over again and again.

Why is my profile locked
You did not top up your balance in 1 hours after the registration.
You did not have any transactions for 1 days.
No activity within 35 days if you spend more than $ 30 .
No activity within 5 days if you spend less than $ 30 .
You attempted to hack the cvv service.

What countries are your cc cards from?
All cvv cards provided by our service are on the main page in the form of an interactive map. All the countries represented in our service are colored in dark-green. If you point on the country, you will see the tip with the number of cards from the country.

How long do you keep order cvv information?
We keep the order information for 3 months after the purchase moment.

Why can’t I search, add to card or purchase cards cc cvv?
In case you have negative or zero balance you cannot search, add to card or purchase cards cc. You need to replenish the balance and try again. For this reason the initial balance of your account is $0.01.

How do I top up the balance via Bitcoin?
To top up your balance via Bitcoin and start buy Cc cvv online via our shop, you need to perform a direct transaction to an indicated address and wait for 1 confirmation. To receive the address you have to press “Top-up”. Don’t forget to press “Verify” after completing the payment. The Bitcoin exchange rate is calculated according to the official purchase rate on the following website: